Support Energy Rationing? Get Called Out!

As we described yesterday, California is so short of energy to fuel its A/C units and Chevy Volts that it has introduced rolling blackouts and extended the life of an old nuclear power plant.

Using risk of wildfires as their excuse, utility giant PG&E Corp announced they will proactively shut off power on Saturday to 27,000 customers in Northern California. Other power companies just pulled the plug and rolled out power cuts in areas as dense as Palo Alto & Alameda.

Leftists love rationing – so naturally Swallwell is calling for everyone to cut consumption rather than demand that state leaders create more power-generating opportunities. But it’s worth looking at what he was smack talking a few weeks ago.

Meanwhile Tom Massie, who lives off the grid, generates his own power, and drives a Tesla, takes on Mayor Pete, Secretary of State for Transport.

Get Smacked by Real Life Congressman Who Lives Off the Grid

Buttigieg is mighty glib about the problem. He conjures up electrical infrastructure that meets all electricity demand, as if with a magic wand, to meet the impossible 2030 Biden/WEF targets. Watch it here.

Think it’s Climate Change?