Joe’s Bay of Pigs Moment?

Vladimir Putin has today threatened to nuke the West over Ukraine, as he announced plans to annex occupied parts of its territory to the Russian mainland.

A former Russian MP and Putin advisor also warned that British cities could be targeted by Putin’s nukes in a bare-faced tirade this morning on the popular Today radio news program. 

Sergei Markov had barely exchanged pleasantries with BBC Radio 4 host Justin Webb when he launched into a series of threats about nuclear warDaily Mail

It’s not a good morning for everybody. In Russia there’s partial mobilisation and for your British listeners Vladimir Putin told you that he would be ready to use nuclear weapons against Western countries… including against Great Britain.

‘Your cities will be targeted.’

Markov, who was elected to Russia’s State Duma in 2007 representing Putin’s United Russia party, is now a professor of international relations at a Moscow university and has a history of spouting Putin’s rhetoric in Western media.

Now that crack are showing at the Kremlin, we’re all left wondering what will Joe do? Isn’t it great to know we have a strong, articulate clear-thinking leader. Why, it’s just like Kennedy and the Bay of Pigs, isn’t it?