Want a Real Red Wave?


The latest ABC/Washington Post national poll is a disaster for national Democrats. The headline is that the GOP holds a five-point (51-46) advantage amongst likely voters, but that is not the worse news from Democrats.

Not surprisingly, the economy remains the dominant issue on the minds of voters with a net 84 percent saying it is important with 50 percent more people having a negative view of the economy than a positive one.

And voters by an overwhelming 17 percent trust the GOP on the overall economy with 16 percent trusting Republicans on the inflation issue.

Additionally, Joe Biden’s upside-down approval rating has hardened over the past year with a consistent disapproval rating between 51-55 percent in every ABC/Washington Post national poll since September 1, 2021. Biden’s current disapproval rating lands at 53 percent with his approval stuck at 39 percent.

Even former Biden press secretary Jen Psaki was caught telling the truth on Sunday’s Meet the Press when she admitted, “If it is a referendum on the president, they will lose. And they know that. They also know that crime is a huge vulnerability for Democrats, I would say one of the biggest vulnerabilities.”

She is right.

Skyrocketing crime rates are problematic for the Democrats as their on-going push to release offenders with little to no bail along with choosing to not prosecute property crimes has resulted in scenes of mobs invading stores in mass thefts and criminals going from the police station to assaulting and even murdering people hours later.

2022 is the first national election where people across the nation have the opportunity to vote after feeling the insecurity of left-wing pro-criminal policies, and as Ms. Psaki notes, this is very bad news for the Democrats as it continues the dissolution of their race-based electoral coalition in many communities.

Renowned political pundit Dick Morris boldly declared on his Newsmax show on Saturday that the GOP would win four seats in the Senate giving them a 54-46 advantage and ending Vice President Harris’ ability to break ties on issues decided along partisan lines.

The subtext to all of the predictions is built around the idea that voter turnout will be much higher amongst those who are out of power than it will be for those who currently hold the reins. Historically, this is true and a chartist would show graphs of elections going back to World War II making the case.

But while momentum is certainly on the side of the GOP in 2022, the size of the wave will be determined by who votes, and this is where people who care about liberty come in.

If you want this election to be truly transformative and a rejection of the left’s economic and cultural assault on America and our ideals, the 2022 election cannot be a squeaker.  The Biden administration must face an overwhelming rejection, where new members of Congress arrive on January 3, 2023, from districts that GOP leadership did not heavily target. 

The difference between the tepid leadership that one can expect from the House GOP with a 235 to 200 majority and what can be achieved with a 255 to 180 majority matters when confronting Biden over whether to defund his 83,000 IRS agents.  It matters when it comes to vigorously confronting his attempts to change Title IX education policy to a full-blown federal government mandated inclusion of biological men competing in women’s sports.  And it matters when it comes to forcing our immigration laws to be enforced by the Biden administration, staunching the flood of illegals who are entering our nation every single day.

Winning has consequences, but winning big creates more pressure on the D.C. GOP leadership to actually fight, as the larger the new class of incoming freshmen, the more they will demand that something gets done. 

And it all comes down to maximizing voter turnout amongst voters who don’t traditionally vote in off-year elections. 

Want a true red wave?  Volunteer today to begin contacting low propensity Trump voters, because their turnout percentage will determine if Republicans just try to cling to a slim majority in 2023-2024, or if they use that power to neuter and reverse the Biden administration’s extreme policy proscriptions.

Rick Manning is President of Americans for Limited Government

To view online: https://dailytorch.com/2022/09/want-a-real-red-wave/ Reproduced with permission.