Renewables and their Epic Fail

Net-zero carbon dioxide gas emissions targets are designed to destroy the reliable and affordable power supplies that have brought prosperity to billions around the globe. Dressed up in marketing blurb, net-zero targets sound cheap, but with energy supplies there is no such thing as a free lunch. Plenty of household and businesses have already worked out that the great wind and solar scam brings with it rocketing power prices and routine power rationing.

But that is precisely what punitive mandated renewable energy targets and massive subsidies to wind and solar were designed to do. More here.

The world is spiralling into a post ‘oil-coal-gas black hole’ as renewables fail miserably to fill the gap. It’s now clear this deliberate self harm empowered Russia and weakened everyone else. Just recently, Sweden took down public charging posts for EVs because electricity is too expensive; Norway is threatening to shut down wind power turbines because they break in strong winds; and Belgium foolishly shut down a nuclear reactor on September 23rd during an energy crisis to virtue signal about its “greenness”.

The renewable clap trap is no different to their New Dawn and ‘saving lives’. At the end of it all, when renewables fail like their jabs did, the elites will be richer, we will be poorer and there will be no grid to speak of. Just as we didn鈥檛 just cancel horse and carts, but let the market decide, Europe is showing if you rely on renewables you will fail, so they are turning back to fossil fuels and nuclear as fast as they can.