SERIOUSLY? “Could a Small Nuclear War Reverse Global Warming?”

Huffington Post:

This was written a while back. But as the world is inching ever closer to a nuclear war with Russia, should we ask ourselves if the hearts of the Progressive Left and the econuts are really invested in averting it?

In this piece the author writes:

Scientists from NASA and a number of other institutions have recently been modeling the effects of a war involving a hundred Hiroshima-level bombs, or 0.03 percent of the world’s current nuclear arsenal, according to National Geographic. The research suggests five million metric tons of black carbon would be swept up into the lowest portion of the atmosphere.

The result, according to NASA climate models, could actually be global cooling.

While this is over ten years old, we know that policies advanced by the World Economic Forum in the 1960s are only now coming to fruition. These guys play a long game. We know that climate fear is their way of controlling us. A “helpful” war where they are safely locked away in their bunkers where they wait a year of two before emerging into a “re-wilded” natural paradise – with no plebeians to mire it – might not look so bad to them.

Is a nuclear holocaust their goal?