Biden Blows Through Strategic Reserve – Ignores Elephant in Room

All the buzz on CNBC today is about oil prices. Everyone is mad at OPEC for cutting production. The US is pissed at the Saudis for siding with Putin. Who can blame them? Biden is sucking up to the Saudi’s enemy, the Mad Mullahs of Iran, who as we all know are blackmailing the USA through their nuclear bomb capability. Biden is now talking to the communist monster in Venezuela about opening up a few spigots and sending oil north. And of course, he’s siphoning off a few million more barrels of our strategic reserve – supposedly to be kept for emergencies, not vote buying.

But the real elephant in the room – and one that the talking heads on CNBC didn’t broach – is why doesn’t the USA tap some of its vast gas, oil and clean coal resources to create energy self-sufficiency and restore our national security instead of raiding our Oil Piggy Bank?