ATF Lose Thousands of Guns and Parts…Again

According to a recent Department of Justice Inspector General investigation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms failed to follow proper security protocols for seized firearms and parts at the ATF National Destruction Branch (NDB) facility in Martinsburg, West Virginia, leading to thousands of guns and parts being stolen by a security guard.

“We found that NDB staff does not consistently adhere to established operating procedures in place to mitigate risk of firearms being lost or stolen. Specifically, we observed NDB staff: (1) propping open doors into secure areas of the facility solely for the sake of convenience, (2) allowing visitors to enter the facility through doorways other than,” the investigation found. “The main entrance and drive their cars into the facility to unload firearms, and (3) permitting unauthorized individuals to access NDB vault storage spaces. Failure to strictly adhere to established operating procedures not only undermines the NDB’s security protocol, but unnecessarily places firearms in NDB custody at risk of loss or theft.”

ATF failed to properly log and track firearms under Bureau custody, including guns from the fatal Operation Fast and Furious. 

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