Before you eat that swanky farmed salmon – watch this

It’s a staple of airport duty-free stores and high-end restaurants. Scottish salmon is revered worldwide. After watching this eye-opening video that exposes the horrors of open-net salmon farming in Scotland, we think you’ll think twice before shelling out the money for it.

There’s a reason salmon are naturally free-roaming and found in open spaces. When they swim up river to spawn, the lice fall off.

Salmon lice are marine crustaceans, smaller than a fingernail. They have a shield-shaped body and the females bear two long egg strands. Their mouth closely resembles a hypodermic needle, which they use for puncturing the skin and sucking blood and juices. They literally bite onto the fish and eat the fish alive. In severe infestations, they can strip much of the skin and flesh off a fish’s face, fins, and genital area.

Good new for us? Eat American or Canadian. Open net farming has been banned. More farms are being built inland, away from the sea lice.