Hurricane Governor walking the walk


The Florida Department of Transportation completed a temporary land bridge to Pine Island just three days after the hurricane wiped it out, two days ahead of schedule. Now the massive Sanibel bridge has been repaired sufficiently to link the island to the mainland and allow much needed aid to reach the islanders.

In Fort Myers, access was cleared for residents to return to Fort Myers Beach within a week of the utter destruction caused by Ian.

Portable showers, restroom, and hand-washing stations were brought in for residents who may not have access to functioning facilities while they work to clean and repair their homes.

Local businesses are stepping up. Fort Myers Brewing Company turned their food truck into a laundromat.

99.8% of FPL customers that lost power due to Hurricane Ian have had their services restored.

As this guy says, there’s a governor who’s walking the talk. And if you google it all you’ll find is the “illegal immigrants” are helping rebuild. You know a Republican is doing something right when the Left refuses to acknowledge it.