Is Biden mad at Saudi because they leaked his secret?

We had them as allies when they were at their most strictly Muslim. Now as improvements in human rights, such as driving licenses for women, are creating cause for optimism, Joe Biden has decided to insult an old ally and force them into the arms of the jubilant Russians.

Signaling a potential departure from a decades-long strategic relationship, Biden said on Wednesday that there would be “consequences” for Saudi Arabia after it cut oil production, along with other OPEC countries and Russia, in a move that will likely cause a spike in energy prices around the world.

Saudi Arabia said the reduction was designed to “maintain a sustainable oil market,” but the White House has accused Riyadh of taking Russia’s side in its devastating war against Ukraine, and warned that the US is looking to “re-evaluate” its relationship with the Kingdom as a result.

Biden’s comments represent a threat to upend a strategic partnership that endured the September 11 attacks and a crippling oil embargo in the 1970s, one that expert analysts say will not easily be mended.

Meanwhile, Biden is desperately sucking down the Strategic Reserve to deflect criticism from Dems in the upcoming elections.

In 2020, Democrats blocked Trump’s proposal to buy American oil at $24 a barrel. Now, a Biden official reveals a secret offer to buy OPEC+ oil at $80 a barrel.