Royal Navy “Iron Man” in New York Harbor


Last week the UK Government hosted the Atlantic Future Forum (AFF22) on HMS Queen Elizabeth in New York Harbor. AFF is dedicated to strengthening the defense, security, technology and trading relationships between democratic nations.

During the event, the British Royal Navy tested Iron Man-style ‘jet pack’ suits over the New York Harbor and landed on HMS Queen Elizabeth. The video below was posted by Salisbury, UK-based aerospace company Gravity Industries. The company’s business model is still largely based on corporate and military demonstrations and the jet packs are currently $400,000 to purchase.

In 2017, Browning started Gravity near London and secured $650,000 from Adam and Tim Draper, venture capitalists known for early investments in China’s Baidu, Tesla and Skype. Since then, Gravity has tinkered with its jetpack design, making about 1,000 iterations of its 3D-printed, > 1000bhp jet suit.