Protestors Glue Themselves to VW Showroom Floor – Stunned at Reaction!


When the elite protestors threw tomato soup over Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” in London’s National Gallery last week they then glued themselves to the wall below it. They were removed. Many of us felt that these privately (expensively) educated products of liberal guilt should have been left there to become an “art installation”, stewing in their own juices for a while until they could work the epoxy lose. Seems like VW feel the same way.

Here a bunch of “scientists” (they’re wearing white coats!) are protesting against VW, which is arguably a very green company, by threatening a hunger strike to bring about decarbonization of the transport industry. Hours later they are complaining that VW is saving energy by turning the heat off, and refusing them buckets to pee in — and irony of ironies – that the food on their hunger strike isn’t any good!