Did you see this? They’re coming for our pets!

Not content with freezing us with mandatory home temperatures as they are in Europe, or driving farmers out of business by taxing cow farts as they are in New Zealand, and Bill Gates buying up cattle ranchland to drive us to plant-based food, now they’re coming after our pets. They want us to have small ones and they want them to eat insects.

According to this eco-website: Cats and dogs eat a lot of meat. In the U.S., they gobble up about a quarter of the calories derived from livestock. If they were counted as a country, America’s pets would rank fifth in global meat consumption. Producing all that food generates about ​​64 million tons of carbon dioxide a year, not to mention the land, water, and other resources required to farm animals. 

Their solution?

Feed them bugs. This is, of course, classic United Nations and World Economic Forum suppression dressed as innovation. They are hell-bent on getting rid of farm animals and making us eat black soldier fly larvae. They are starting with celebrity videos to normalize it, bringing it to animals (“dogs drool with happiness when they eat a cricket“) to give it an appearance of normalcy, and ultimately when they have replaced us with robots, forced us into tiny housing and weeded out the sick and weak, they’ll keep us for labor and feed us bugs. The move to the New Dark Ages is well underway. And all the “useful idiots” will speed our descent into misery by embracing the BS of climate change, Big Pharma and the massive transfer of wealth from us to the elites.

CNN has already started the drumbeat by stating that our dogs contribute the same amount of annual carbon that 13 million cars do and we should “do something about it”.

There may be every good reason for feeding my dogs insect protein, but I’ll not be shamed into it.