Rishi Sunak is the perfect WEF puppet.

Get out of Dodge Quick card

Former British PM Boris Johnson was born in the USA but turned in his nationality when the IRS caught up to him and announced that – as with every other American – he had to pay tax on his worldwide income. The US is draconian about getting its taxes – even from non-residents. No quid pro quo for them.

Now we see that the UK prime minister has a wife who is “non-domiciled” in the United Kingdom despite living there and owning several houses, and he himself had a get out of the country Green Card, or permanent resident status, until last year when he became Chancellor of the Exchequer – responsible for very un-conservative bailouts for people and businesses.

Those Goldman Sachs investment bankers are whizz-kid globalists and they know whose palms to grease.

‘This week’s Prime Minister has sold himself as the chap who can get us out of this mess, which ought to be plausible as he is largely the chap who is responsible for getting us into this mess.’

Mark Steyn – TV personality and pundit

Did he keep the Penthouse?

Among the richest people living in the UK, Rishi Sunak and his wife Akshata Murthy have a joint net worth of approximately £730 million, which make them richer than King Charles III. Their house in the US was the first property the couple purchased together. A penthouse in Santa Monica, the house is known to be valued at approximately $7.2 million dollars and offers breathtaking views of Santa Monica pier and the Pacific ocean.