Why are so many cops changing profession?

The fourth annual Police officer job satisfaction survey results are in. This year the results are stunning. The majority of cops report they wish they had become firefighters. 

This year the survey was sent out to a random selection of full time sworn police officers from across the USA. As in past years officers reported dissatisfaction with pay rates, shift work and public perception of police. This year officers also one again reported getting workplace pleasure from autonomy, workplace friendships, and being paid to drive fast. 

This year for the first time in nearly twenty years, the majority of officers when asked “if you had it to do over would you still seek a career in police work” said no. Nearly 66% of respondents indicated they wish they had not become cops. 

A follow up question for persons saying they wish they sought a different career path was “if you had it to do over what other career path would you pick”. 80% of the respondents who answered this question indicated “Firefighter”. (Callthecops.com)

Two dozen officers in Boston transferred to the fire department in 2022, the Boston Herald reports, citing data provided by the city, which marks an increase from four, zero, six and one over the past four years.

“Great wages. Great working conditions. No forced overtime. A great quality of life and, arguably, greater respect,” Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association Larry Calderone told the Herald in a statement. “The officers leaving will tell you they’re sick and tired of being taken for granted and disrespected by the never ending criticism associated with the ‘defund the police’ movement.”

In Portland, OR (PORTLAND TRIBUNE), in an unprecedented situation for Portland, a racially diverse and experienced group of police officers is taking pay cuts to get away from the city, while citing poor working conditions here.

And the city’s police recruiter tasked with boosting bureau diversity isn’t looking for replacements — because that person is gone, too.