Dem’s Crime News Round-Up

WTH was going on at the Pelosi’s house?

Dinesh says, “Itโ€™s one thing for Paul Pelosi to be in his underwear. Itโ€™s his own home and it was very early on the morning. The remarkable thing is his assailant was also in HIS underwear. What does that tell you that the media isnโ€™t telling you?”

No one cares what Paul Pelosi was up to. His house, his rules. God can judge him. But we do expect the full story to come out as tax-dollars were involved here.

As Byron York tweeted, “Now that a few days have passed, and with crazy theories/rhetoric flying around, would be good to see SFPD release info in Paul Pelosi attack: 1) 911 call audio; 2) officers’ bodycam video; 3) toxicological tests; 4) all reports. Facts are vital to understanding.”

We’re not holding our breath.

Another week another lie

Hunter, the Gift that keeps on Giving

Meanwhile, in Dem-dominated New York

Off-Brand Raisin Bran! C’mon man, that’s criminal

This should be a crime.