Socialism/Communism Humor

Dan Mitchell is back!

I’ve shared many columns featuring communism humor and even more columns filled with socialism humor.

Today, let’s look at crossover humor. Each of these five items applies equally to both of those collectivist ideologies.

The worst person in world history makes an appearance in our first item.

Our next item mocks leftists in general.

For our third item, I agree that there’s a difference between Marxism and so-called democratic socialism, but the cat correctly notes there’s a huge difference between free enterprise and cronyism.

Let’s return to the problem that our leftist friends have with the real world.

Here’s Homer Simpson getting ready to thrash both socialism and communism.

Last but not least, our final item notes that the dictators (and their progeny) live fat and happy lives while ordinary people suffer immensely under communism and socialism.

With a body count of 100 million, communism definitely killed a lot of people. Whether they were “friends” is a separate question.

P.S. To close with a serious comment, socialism is an economic system based on misguided policies such as government ownershipcentral planning, and price controls. Communism is a political system based on dictatorship and oppression.

By definition, every communist is a socialist. But not every socialist is a communist (especially not today’s so-called democratic socialists who are really just class-warfare redistributionists rather than real socialists).

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