America gets the blame at COP27 and other virtue-signaling climate nutjobbery

The world’s elite arrive for a meeting they could have Zoomed.

Currently in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt at the Climate Implementation Summit, world leaders, envoys, delegates, & members of civil society are gathering together “in a unified front to further mobilize & prioritize the global climate agenda”. As though it needed more mobilization. Turn on any publicly-funded radio or TV station and all you hear is another catastrophic warning that the world has five years to live.

Usually I’d suggest asking some women to help but the Left hates women and would probably send Greta or a trans activist

Joe and Rishi completely lose the plot – Especially Joe

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is preparing to send our shale gas to the UK, which has plenty of its own which it won’t mine because of people who glue themselves to the pavement and throw soup over artworks, in a pass-the-hot-potato moment worthy of a classic comedy, Everyone is too scared to use their own.

The COP27 gathering is ogling us, the American consumers for climate reparations as Joe folds like a cheap tent: “The [Biden regime has] come up with an alternative scheme whereby carbon credits could be sold to businesses, with the proceeds then funding clean energy programs in the developing world.” Other countries show little sign of following our lead in lowering CO2 emissions and instead want the West to stump up billions in “reparations”. As usual, the USA is seen as the World’s;d’s piggy bank to be emptied whenever the Left is in power.

The future looks grim as iT hUrTs tHe eNviRoNmEnT will be used to curtail our activities

It’s not as though it’s a real problem

Here, a noted climatologist looked at the climate models from the past 50 years and found that EVERY SINGLE MODEL overpredicted global warming.

While here, the Biden Administration’s delegation leave out facts.

The Biden regime has deleted the chart showing dramatic decline in heat waves from the draft National Climate Assessment. The chart was included in the Obama regime version. But now it’s gone.

This chart

And of course they cherry-pick data

Epic Fail on Predicting, Lads!