WATCH: Fortune in the Book – How the Left’s “Equity” craze unfairly targets racial group.

So, not only is this school in my tax-paying county, and my SiL went there, but I know most of the talented young team who made this documentary. So watch it. And keep an eye open for the sly replacement of “equity” over “equality” in your local school system.

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Fairfax, Virginia, is consistently ranked the best public high school in the country. It is free to attend, but students must pass a rigorous exam. In recent years, the children of Asian immigrants have made up the majority of the school.

Around 2020, things started to change. The school board and district leaders hired the author Ibram X. Kendi for a $20,000 Zoom call, where he explained that past discrimination can only be fixed by present discrimination. The school board replaced the rigorous exam with a new admissions process that would, in their words, promote “equity.”

Immediately, the number of black, Hispanic, and white students went up…and Asian numbers went down. This blatant discrimination didn’t sit right with parent Asra Nomani, who moved to the U.S. from India when she was a child. She and other immigrant parents felt betrayed. They came to this country precisely because America forbids discrimination based on race. Unlike a growing number of school boards and activists across the country, these Fairfax parents still believe in an America where everyone is equal before the law, regarding of race or religion.

Now these parents are fighting back in the courts, alongside Pacific Legal Foundation, to restore fair, race-blind school admissions.

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