ICYMI Climate (BS) Round-Up


You can’t turn the TV on without someone lecturing you on climate change, The Weather Channel which was founded by what they now call a climate skeptic is round the clock agitprop for the lie that is manmade global warming. It’s the favorite scam of the global elites at the WEF who seek to use it to reduce the world’s population and “redistribute” wealth – mostly from the USA. So, as I have been doing with the “Chickens Coming Home to Roost” series on the world’s response to the latest flu bug, I will be looking at breaking data on climate, so-called sustainability and the polluting “renewables” we will be forced to deal with.

The global warming hoax will destroy us.

This is a British professor but you get his drift.

They must be in it for the research bucks…

The earth warms and cools – it just does

We’re actually relatively cool right now

Scientists are struggling to keep their stories straight regarding the anthropogenic [human-caused] CO2 impact on polar climates.

But what about the polar bears?????