China erupts – Biden Silent

AF Branco: Big Guy in Chief

The terrifying sight of the special forces the people call “Big White” is becoming increasingly common across China.

Fears of a new Tiananmen Square style crackdown in China have been heightened by footage of tanks being deployed to the streets of major cities as the Communist Party faces massive unrest.

Riots and protests against further lockdowns are spontaneous happening across the country. People are demanding liberty and freedom.

Meanwhile the authorities are checking phones for unapproved messages and sending in more an more troops. In the suburbs there are “quarantine camps” all set up for the next wave of covid. But they could easily double as prisons. The photo above shows thousands of quarantine camps being built in China’s Guangzhou city. They are designed to detain 87,000 people. If authorities switch your COVID passport to code red, you need to do your time. This is about control, not a virus.

Meanwhile the Big Guy is silent. Big Tech Apple is complicit: it turned off an AirDrop feature on its iPhone that allowed protesters’ messages to spread quickly and without trace. The Senate is silent.

Billions have been sent to Ukraine but the Administration raises nary a murmur against the persecution of Chinese Christians, and now the broader Chinese population. Let’s wait for the Hunter laptop to find out just why the Bidens remain so quiet.