Elite School Teaches XXX Adult Themes

Project Veritas has outed yet another despicable child groomer. Joseph Bruno is Dean of Students at #franciswparkerschool in Illinois.

In the video he claimed that the kids were passing around the adult toys and saying “how does this b**t plug work? How do we do- like, how does this work?”

When Project Veritas asked Bruno if the parents complained about the seminar, he responded by saying- “no, it’s queer s*x.” He went on to brag about how the private school that charges $40,000 annually had enough money in their budget to teach children these lessons.

“So, I’ve been the Dean for four years. During Pride- we do a Pride Week every year- I had our LGBTQ+ Health Center come in. They were passing around b**t plugs and d*ldos to my students, talking about queer s*x, using lube versus using spit.”

Joesph Bruno

The reporters also asked him whether the institution’s trustees were okay with the seminar. Joseph Bruno claimed that they were unaware of it being conducted. He added- “I wouldn’t even like run it by them. Like, why would I run it by them?”

In a post on Twitter today the $40,490 per year school had declared their support for the groomer.

A little later they shut down their account. Probably because the parents aren’t as liberal as the teaching/grooming staff had hoped.

There is no room in this world for those who sexually prey on children.