IT STARTS: Country limits ATM withdrawals to enforce digital currency

The list of WEF/NWO control mechanisms is long. These are the main terms everyone should know:

-The Great Reset
-Agenda 2030/21
-C40 Cities
-Biodigital Convergance –
Known Traveller Identity
Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)
-Internet of Bodies

Once CBDCs are implemented, there will be no more freedom. None at all. The introduction of CBDCs is the last nail in the coffin. It’s a precursor to vaccine passports and social credit scores

You will have noticed that increasingly, retailers are no longer accepting cash, and ATM machines are in steep decline as people switch to “tapping” or swiping their credit and debit cards. President Biden recently announced that a ‘digital dollar’ is forthcoming and Rishi Sunak, UK prime minister excitedly promotes a future of Central Bank Digital Currency.

With high inflation and a cost of living/lockdown crisis, is Digital ID a ‘convenience’ tool or does it risk opening the floodgates to programmable money where every single transaction you make is recorded on the ledger, as the head of the Bank of International Settlements has stated?

Germany has moved to evaluate any bank transaction over 100 euros in the name of ‘challenging terrorism’. In China, your every transaction is monitored to assess whether you are being a “good citizen”. In Nigeria they are going all-out to control all but small cash transactions.

Not everyone is falling for it