Here’s a new word for you: “teratogenic”. Does it explain China’s “Zero Covid” policy?

While we have been focusing on the damage caused by the “cure”…

…is it possible that the Chinese have been focussing on the original virus? After all, they know more about its origins as it was born in a lab in Wuhan.

Their massive lockdowns to isolate positive cases don’t reflect the CCP’s usual cavalier attitude to its citizens. These feels bigger and more determined. Isolating individuals in those massive quarantine camps certainly prevents pregnancies. It also prevents the virus from spreading to pregnant women.

Official guidance from the US is that the effects of COVID-19 on human reproduction remain poorly understood, and particularly the impact on early embryogenesis and establishment of a pregnancy are not known.

Could the Chinese be trying to protect their population from declining faster than it already is as a result of their “one-Child Policy”?

People are asking questions elsewhere, too