Groomers Crawl out from Under Rock to Spew Trans Garbage to Congress

An activist whose job it is to help LGBTQ+ youth made an astonishing claim during a congressional hearing in mid-December: That detransitioning is not a “real thing.” 

Denying the reality that children, teens, and even adults change their minds about their identities is not just ignorant. It’s dangerous. It promotes a one-way ticket down the transgender assembly line, where getting off isn’t an option. Either Pocock is mind-bogglingly ignorant, or she knowingly lied while speaking under oath. Both conclusions should immediately disqualify her to lead an organization that works with America’s gender-confused youth. MSN

12-Year-Olds May Consent to Secret Gender Transitions, Colorado Activist Tells Congress

She also “explained” why parents do not need to know whether their child is experiencing gender therapy or questioning their sexuality.

Since saying this in a Congressional hearing the Inside Out Youth Services project has shut down its Twitter account, gutted its website of any personnel information and gone off on Christmas leave.

Great description of the entire exchange and the impact of Colorado law, heavily influenced by groups obsessed with gender, is here.

 The pressure is building toward legitimizing pedophilia.

Rep. Katie Porter: The Terms ‘Groomer and Pedophile’ Allege that a Person Is Criminal Somehow Merely Because of ‘Their Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity’