Fifth Biggest Story Of 2022: The Failed Energy Policies Of Europe

Americans for Limited Government will be releasing our annual five biggest stories of 2022 between Christmas and New Year’s Day through a series of short videos on each of the chosen topics.

Will the war in Ukraine make the list?  Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover?  Or perhaps the rising interest rates that have turned our nation’s housing market upside down? 

As in every year, the number of potential stories and issues far outnumbers the number of days between Christmas and New Year’s, but this year, the choice was particularly difficult.  America has truly experienced inflation for the first time in forty years with two generations growing up without their parents saying, “the harder I work, the further I get behind.”  Will prices be one of the top five most impactful stories?

The continuing low unemployment job market has been an economic salve to those worried about the future economy, but the underlying cause, the stagnant growth of the labor market due to the retirement of the baby boomer generation may become the story of 2023 as those impacts are felt more acutely. Did it make the list in 2022 though?

Today, we are releasing #5 on our list of most impactful stories of 2022, and it is from overseas – “Green Energy Policies Strangling European Economy” – is a giant red flag to American policy makers who continue to operate under the wind/solar energy delusion. Europe, particularly Germany, is feeling the impact of their decisions to shut down nuclear and coal fired plants while becoming dependent upon Russia for natural gas.  Will Americans recognize that being dependent upon governments which don’t like you very much to provide our economic life blood is little more than national economic suicide?  Time will tell, but the consequences of Europe’s decision to kneel at the green altar are there to see, and that is why Europe’s Green Energy Policies made the top five most important issues in 2022.

Rick Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government, does a very poor imitation of Casey Kasem with the countdown, as we take you through our Top Five Issues in 2022 starting on Monday, December 26 through the 30th on our video channels on Rumble, YouTube and Facebook.  People are invited to follow us on these channels, just search for Americans for Limited Government and subscribe.  We know you will enjoy it.