California’s ban on big rigs and buses goes into effect

Corrected to include correct Tweet/Video

Large trucks and buses made before 2010 are now prohibited from operating on California roadways. It’s the final rule in a set of clean air regulations the California Air Resources Board passed nearly 15 years ago by then governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is not however the final rule for diesel trucks (remember when the left pushed diesel and every right-thinking person was asking, “What about the particulates?”)

The California Air Resources Board has laid out an ambitious plan to eventually force all diesel truck fleets off the road, with varying timelines. This includes mandating that all new trucks operating around busy railways and ports be zero-emission vehicles by 2024; phasing out all diesel trucks from those areas by 2035; and eventually taking every diesel truck and bus fleet off California roads by 2045, where feasible.

The latest rule, which came into effect yesterday, applies to diesel vehicles that weigh at least 14,000 pounds. The air resources board said there are an estimated 200,000 vehicles that have yet to comply with the rule just days before the new year, including roughly 70,000 big rig trucks, or about 10% of the commercial motor vehicles operating in the state, according to trucking lobbying groups.

As you can see from this news report, rig owners are pissed.