😉The Party is Revolting!

AF Branco: Right Fighters

The House adjourned yesterday without picking a new speaker as Rep. Kevin McCarthy failed to win a majority on three ballots. This is just the eighth time in history a Speaker has not been chosen after three ballots.  

After the second ballot, McCarthy insisted to reporters that the party is “unified.” As this is going to a rare fourth ballot the GOP is patently anything but unified.

In the usual swamp way he claimed that: “This isn’t about me. This is about the conference now because the members who are holding out … they want something for their personal selves.

But McCarthy lost another Republican on the third round: Rep. Byron Donalds of Florida, who had pledged to support McCarthy on the first two ballots but not after that — suggesting that he could lose more as the vote could move into further ballots. 

Maybe the dam has been breached and more will defect from the top House Republican who failed to secure a November victory by failing to direct resources to conservative candidates, and who collapsed under Pelosi’s $1.7T, 4000-page taxpayer theft Omnibus – a Bill he should have fought to delay and let die at the end of the 117th Congress.

Yesterday’s vote marked the first time in 100 years that the House speaker vote went to multiple ballots. 

Ohio Rep.-elect Jim Jordan garnered more votes than he did in the second round. Jordan received 20 GOP votes, while McCarthy received 202 and New York Rep.-elect Hakeem Jeffries received all 212 votes from his fellow Democrats. Florida Republican Rep.-elect Byron Donalds switched his vote to Jordan, after voting with McCarthy for the first two rounds.

The support for Jordan comes despite the fact that the Ohio Republican is publicly backing McCarthy.

Jordon appears to be the conservative favorite. Hid recent appearances at Congressional hearings has made him a standout as he is unafraid of the House leaders and is perfectly prepared to hold feet to the fire and pursue the wishes of the people and . His website sums up his intentions. Unlike the previous incumbent, Nancy Pelosi, he doesn’t seem preoccupied by the hateful, anti-poor people WEF/One World agenda and seems genuinely interested in protecting our rights and the US Constitution.


Committee on the Judiciary
 Ranking Member

Committee on Oversight and Reform
Member, Subcommittee on Civil Rights

These committee assignments provide an excellent platform from which to pursue both reform and improved public policy in the four areas I consider to be the main pillars of my service in Washington:

  • Guarding our homeland through a strong national defense
  • Reducing taxes so that families can decide how they want their own money spent. To do this we must reduce government spending, corruption and waste
  • Securing our borders, dealing with the problem of illegal immigration and helping those who want to come to America the legal way by working hard, learning the language and becoming Americans
  • Protecting the constitutional right to life and defending marriage and the family


As the horse-trading and in-fighting persists into the third day, let us hope we stop fighting ourselves and unite behind a true rock-ribbed conservative to take the fight to the Woke Left.