CO2 Probably Doesn’t Affect Global Warming & Other News

Cutting to the heart of this research it appears that we are living through a period of considerable natural climate variability.

Thus, a new study published in the Journal of Climate suggests the effect of manmade carbon dioxide this century might be small if not undetectable when compared to natural climate variability.

Oh and that Arctic sea ice…

Ice Age with Mr Spock

And Mr. Forever Wrong

There are plenty of doomsday predictors. And they’re pretty much always wrong.

  • 1971 NASA expert predicted an “ice age” by 2021.
  • 1988 Maldives predicted to be under water by last year. (They’re actually bigger)
  • 2008 Gore said the Arctic would be free of ice by 2013.
  • 2009 Charles said just 96 months left to save the world

But no one is ever as wrong as Paul Erlich, who in 1967 predicted a “time of famines and overall extinction” in 1975. The alarm Ehrlich sounded back then in his book The Population Bomb warned that overpopulation would trigger widespread famine. He was wrong about that. The green revolution fed the world. But he also wrote that heat from greenhouse gases would melt polar ice and humanity would overwhelm the wild. Today, humans have taken over 70% of the planet’s land and 70% of the freshwater. He’s still at it. 60 Minutes just allowed him to bleat about the threat of “mass extinction”.

The Babylon Bee even had a pop at him!