Surprised the air system went down? You shouldn’t be

This is what’s keeping the administrators at the FAA up at night while they should be focused on keeping the planes up: gender-neutral and inclusive aviation terminology.

The FAA’s mission-critical pilot safety alerting system crashed Tuesday night, causing the agency to temporarily ground all outgoing air traffic across the country on Wednesday morning and delay more than 6,500 flights.

The FAA announced in December 2021 that it had changed the system’s name from “Notice to Airmen” to “Notice to Air Mission,” a “more applicable term” that the agency said is “inclusive of all aviators and missions.” Sucking up to its Boss, perhaps? It’s famously known that as well as being incompetent, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is also homosexual.

And just think – it’s only a short time ago they passed the massive Infrastructure Bill to make sure our systems all work better. Where did that money go? Consultants? Back-handers? Mr 10%? Here’s how the FAA was planning to spend it.

Conspiracy Theory anyone?