Corvette-Gate – Mark Levin is Savage!

Biden knew he had forbidden top secret documents in his possession all the time he was sending his DOJ goons to raid President Trump’s home. The story about his attorneys finding them is BS.

And the sites where these documents were found are interesting. We must remember that the Penn-Biden office building is alive with CCP operatives and funded with its money. Biden was paid $1 million NOT to teach.

The locations

The house with the Corvette is supposedly Hunter’s. God alone knows what spies, crack dealers and low-lives were in attendance there. Hunter sure won’t.

And the next batch – found in the basement where he waited out the election hustings and retreats to every weekend? What was he keeping there? And why?

Nobody says it better than Mark on Hannity tonight: “This whole thing stinks to high heaven.” They found the first files in November and we’re only finding out about it now?!? Biden got burned—he thought he was going to be able to sweep his classified files under the rug, but now thanks to Corvette-gate, his true colors are showing.

Bigger question? Why now?

With the third amazing “find” by Biden’s “personal attorneys” people are beginning to ask whether Biden is being set up by the Dems in advance of the 2024 Presidential election? Have they reckoned with Dr. Jill? She likes power – a lot. And what about the Cackler in Chief? Can they seriously think she can carry the party through until November next year?

Will the Deep State clear the decks? A double conviction of Trump and Biden would preclude both from running. That would certainly level the playing field.