Remember the Miner who spoke up about Green Energy? He’s back with receipts


When John Lee Pettimore spilled the tea about mining for “renewables” he stirred up a hornets nest. We reported it here. Now he’s back with more.

The Thread 🧵

Great now that we are into the ore body now what? Now we have to haul it, crush it, run it through ball mills and chemicals in order to get the final product. This is a picture of typical ball mills used to further crush the rock.


Before we begin the mining process we need drills, shovels, haul trucks, support equipment explosives and manpower. Millions of gallons of fuel, oils and coolants, because without these there is no #GreenEnergy mining.

Analyses show that manufacturing a single battery, one capable of holding energy that is equivalent to one barrel of oil, entails processes that use the energy equivalent of 100 barrels of oil.


And if the batteries are manufactured in Asia (as 60% of the world’s batteries are now), more than 60% of the electricity to do so is coal-fired. In 2022, China produced a record amount of coal at 4.496 billion tonnes, which is nine percent more than the year before.

So there you have it. How “green” is an EV? Not very green at all, yet governments around the world are pushing mandates forcing us all to drive one.