House Oversight Committee set to grill officials over missing BILLIONS in pandemic fraud

The latest estimate shows pandemic unemployment benefit fraud topping $60 billion, coupled with PPP loan fraud totaling about $140 billion.

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, under the chairmanship of Kentucky GOP Rep. James Comer, is set to grill key federal officials over tracing the staggering amount of fraud related to pandemic stimulus funds during its first formal hearing.

The hearing, scheduled for Wednesday, is focused on the “rampant waste of taxpayer dollars in COVID relief programs,” according to the committee’s majority.

Comer has invited several federal officials to testify, including Michael Horowitz, chair of the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee, Gene Dodaro, comptroller general at the Government Accountability Office and Roy Dotson, assistant special agent in charge and national pandemic fraud recovery coordinator at the U.S. Secret Service.

According to the committee, Comer has sought “documents, communications, and information related to tracking of fraud and improper payments in the unemployment insurance programs” from several federal and state agencies, including: the secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor, the inspector general of the Department of Labor, the director of the California Employment Development Department, commissioner of the New York State Department of Labor and secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. JustTheNews

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