What is this woman smoking?

I know that cannabis (weed, marijuana, whatever you want to call it) is legal in Massachusetts for recreational use.

And I’m guessing that Senator Elizabeth Warren is a dedicated user.

The stuff she says is, in general, nuts.

But sometimes she even outdoes herself.

This is one of those times…

From her point of view, it’s not the massive overspending by Congressional Democrats and the Biden Administration that is forcing the Congress to raise the debt limit, it’s the Trump tax cuts and his “hollowing out” of the Internal Revenue Service that’s causing it.


Biden and the Democrats in Congress (with the support of RINO Republicans) have spent us into a massive hole.

In fact, one respected economic consulting firm has made the astounding claim, backed up by mountains of their own research, that the United States economy will melt down in 2024.  And, in their opinion, there is no way to stop it.  The debt is just too high.

But phony Native American Warren is blaming tax cute, not her own overspending, for all our economic ills.

Give us a few months and we’ll see who’s right.

Originally at American Liberty PAC