Can this woman make your head explode?

Apparently Joy Reid appears on network TV. I have I have seen her face around and gather she’s what morons call a “celebrity”. From this snippet of a rant I gather she is somewhere to the left of Stalin and possesses the reasoning power of a prune.

Her enthusiasm for such banality is contrived and designed to conflate with the weirdest tropes of the Left, particularly the ones designed to end the family, promote racism, and establish men as the arbiters of all things – including what it means to be a woman. The left loathes the safety, independence and prosperity of families. It wants dependents who flock to the state and into the arms of deadly “experts”.

I bet she did not grow up with these beliefs. I guess she has thrust herself into them like ill-fitting shoes and now hobbles while attempting to walk the talk in far-left media circles. The grim glee is obvious though. These people laud fetishes, encourage mental illness, salute degeneracy, and won’t rest until all goodness has gone from the earth.