More fuel for the hand basket to you-know-where


How can we forget the Blood Babies and the Halloween Bondage child?

Grammy Awards Ceremony

I know that Ozzie Osbourne once bit the head off a bat and Judas Priest was accused of murder by subliminal manipulation so I am constantly surprised that I’m surprised by the shenanigans of self-obsessed modern day “celebrities”. But the Grammy Rap celebration struck me as being particularly abhorrent. I didn’t watch the halftime show but thanks to the hellscape of Twitter (I’m addicted because I source so many stories I bring you. I monitor so you don’t have to!) I saw it many times over. Did you get the chance to watch this BS? The irony of the Pfizer sponsorship made it almost amusing.

Sam Smith the big red thing in the middle recently made a mashup video where he drink Austin Powers’ pee. Trust me it’s stupid and you don’t want to watch it.

Lady GaGa

Then I caught this “performance art”, which makes pee tapes sound appealing when compared with watching a young woman yak green slime over Lady Gaga’s outstretched bosom.

How is vomit appropriate here? We may assume it’s because the urge to shock is inherent in many performers – it’s a shame their imaginations are so small and limited.

I am fully expecting someone to up the stakes and poop or throw other bodily fluids around soon – after all Satanic rituals expect them – and the current bunch of artists aren’t smart enough to realize that’s what they’re doing.