More scandal from the Biden Crime Family

Biden’s brother hired to broker secret $140M Saudi deal when Joe was veep, docs reveal…

It’s interesting to recall that President Trump was calling out James Biden’s business dealings in the Middle East way back in 2020. Now the New York Post headline is announcing that Biden’s brother Jim was hired to broker a secret $140M Saudi deal when Joe was VP.

New York Post says first brother James Biden was hired to help a Philadelphia construction company resolve a decades-old dispute with the Saudi government because he was the sibling of then-Vice President Joe Biden, court documents reveal. 

The 2017 admission by James Biden, referenced in two affidavits from May 2021, is certain to draw the attention of the GOP-led House Oversight Committee as it investigates the first family’s influence-peddling dating back years.

The affidavit, first obtained by, was filed in a dispute between the construction company, Hill International, and one of three law firms it hired to help claw back approximately $140 million the Saudis owed for a desalinization plant built by a Hill subsidiary in the 1980s.

Read all about it here and see the affidavits:

That firm, Lankford & Reed, claims that Hill International also hired James Biden, now 73, in 2011 to negotiate a secret deal with the Saudis to settle the dispute – and get out of paying Lankford the 40% cut outlined in their contract.

In July 2017, Thomas Sullivan, a former Treasury Department official-turned-private investigator hired by Lankford, drove to James Biden’s home in suburban Philadelphia to discuss his role with Hill.

Jim Biden admitted he was hired to negotiate with Saudis over a secret $140million deal ‘because of his position and relationship’ to his VP brother Joe -who would be ‘instrumental to the deal,’ bombshell affidavit claims

  • Affidavits claim Joe’s younger brother Jim was at the center of a $140m settlement between a US construction company and Saudi Arabia in 2012 
  • Biden was selected because Saudi Arabia ‘would not dare stiff the brother of the Vice-President who would be instrumental to the deal’
  • Jim allegedly said:  ‘Of course, the [Biden] name didn’t hurt’ as wife Sara said that Joe and his brother ‘told each other everything’