Administration sends grown-ups to supervise Kamala at Security Conference.

Nancy Pelosi will be joining Vice President Kamala Harris, who will be headlining the United States’ participation in the conference.

From “Speaker Emerita” Pelosi’s website:

Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi is traveling to Germany to participate in the Munich Security Conference.  She will engage with top officials from allies and partners as a new Member of the Advisory Council of the Munich Security Conference Foundation.

“Nearly one year since Putin’s diabolical invasion of Ukraine, the world remains in awe of the courage and heroism of the Ukrainian people,” Speaker Emerita Pelosi said.  “This year’s Munich Security Conference convenes world leaders at a critical moment to reaffirm our unshakeable unity in supporting the fight for freedom in Ukraine.”

“Last year, it was my privilege as Speaker to deliver on a strongly bipartisan basis billions in deeply needed security, economic and humanitarian aid to Ukraine,” Pelosi continued.  “As the world continues to witness the rise of anti-democratic threats, a strong transatlantic partnership is as vital as ever.  In Munich, we will strengthen bonds with top officials of our allies – promoting security, prosperity and Democracy in the world for generations to come.”

Don’t they get fed up listening to Bill Gates?

The Senate is going, too