Recollections of the Man who Dumped Klaus – and how his son is still fighting for us

Pascal Najadi holds fights for the injustice he and his family were put through. Born on August 20, 1967, in Switzerland, Najadi is a retired Swiss investment banker, film producer, author, and peace activist rallying for peace around the world. 

In 2013, Najadi’s father, Hussain Najadi, the Chairman and CEO of AIAK Group based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was ruthlessly assassinated in broad daylight in the city center of Kuala Lumpur. 

Since then, Najadi has been advocating to bring his father’s killers to justice and uncover the truth behind his assassination. 

Here he talks about his father’s involvement with the early days of the World Economic Forum.

This guy is also suing Switzerland for crimes against humanity for the mandates and lockdowns.

Now, Pascal Najadi is bringing his own legal action against the Swiss government.

Najadi and his family believed the Swiss government and its Minister of Health at the time, now Swiss president, who claimed that the ‘vaccine’ was both safe and effective in preventing transmission. Janine Small from Pfizer in the EU Parliament, however, let the cat out of the bag about the non-vaccine not being adequately tested, etc. That was enough for Najadi, who simply went along to the police station to report the crime as is customary in Switzerland. Najadi is a very high profile person, with relations to Klaus Schwab through his father.

Pascal Najadi, a retired banker from Switzerland is at the center of a potentially huge sea change in the legal fight against the Globalist COVID financial fraud/bioterrorism campaign. Pascal has filed criminal charges of Abuse of Office under Article 310 of the Swiss Criminal Code against Swiss President Alain Berset, who is also that country’s former Minister of Health.

To everyone’s surprise, the Attorney General of Switzerland has decided to launch an investigation into the President – the first, of a sitting head of state – over their “vaccine” policies.

Pascal joins Todd Callender and Sean on the SGT Report, to describe the simple inconsistencies in the official narrative that he noted, that proved to him that the whole COVID/Vaxx campaign was a fraud – such as that time that Pfizer’s President of International Markets, Janine Small admitted before an EU special COVID-19 committee hearing that the jab was not tested during clinical trials for its ability to prevent transmission before it entered the international market – leading Croatian MEP, Mislav Kolakusic to declare that the European Union’s purchase of 4.5 billion doses of the experimental COVID-19 vaccines amounted to the “biggest corruption scandal in the history of mankind.”

Then, Pascal describes the simple steps he took – which any citizen can do – to hold the genocidal criminals accountable. And the first step was just walking into the police station to lodge his complaint. For all of us, the revelation is that we can do the same.

Todd thanks Pascal for being “An example to all” and he says that we need a million people all over the world doing this, because it is a global genocide.

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