ChatGPT – Another Liberal Tool. Here’s the proof

Here we go. The eternal trend of all Big Tech. It starts off as something innovative and interesting from the programmers but is then corrupted by management and the obnoxious “trust and safety” officers who turn it into an Orwellian control freak that spends its time policing what we think and say instead of doing what it was originally intended to do. 

It loves Lefties – especially Bill Gates*

Being a major driving force for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry, Chat GPT has gained success, praise and lately a large amount of competition. The chatbot gained a record 100 million users just after two months of being publicly released.

*Tech giant Microsoft went on to sign a $10 billion deal with its creators Open AI and the tool is now being used with Microsoft Web Browser ‘Bing’. Although Bing’s AI has turned into a monster and is not ready for prime time. See last post below!


Bing -Please be my friend…