Rail Force One (Not in Ohio)


The Ukraine visit was well planned. While Biden doesn’t care about the people of Ohio suffering the dreadful consequences of a train derailment he is always up for a PR visit to the corrupt begging bowl of Europe – Ukraine. Here is a report from Alexander Kamyshin, the man in charge of Ukrainian Railways. He appears to be able to run wartime trains better than we do in peacetime.

So the Ukrainians showed him how trains should run. They provided a safe “mobile White House” for the visiting delegation. Out of 24 hours, Biden spent 20 on the train (both directions), and just four in Kyiv.

He made this apology (remember this is a country at war): “I also want to apologize for breaking our OTP (On Time Performance) yesterday. We had to delay some of our trains to give a way to #RailForceOne. It was painful for me and my team, but I had to do that. So only 90% of our trains arrived on time yesterday. I apologize.