Epstein Case: President’s Aide Found Shot and Tied to Tree – Ruled Suicide

BREAKING: The death of a Clinton aide linked to Jeffrey Epstein, who was found shot and tied to a tree with an electrical cord around his neck, is being ruled a suicide nine months after he died – despite no sign of weapon, the Daily Mail reports.

  • Bill Clinton’s special advisor Mark Middleton, who signed Jeffrey Epstein into the White House several times, killed himself in May 2022
  • His body and car were found at the Heifer Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas
  • “I could see that he had a gunshot wound to the chest and that he had a knot tied in an extension cord that was around his neck and it was attached to the limb directly above him,” said the officer who found him and reported no sign of a gun.

Middleton was very well connected having been a special advisor to Bill Clinton in the 1990s. He had signed Jeffrey Epstein into the White House on seven of the 17 times he had visited.

Middleton also flew on Epstein’s jet, nicknamed the ‘Lolita Express’. More recently he had been working for his family’s HVAC business in Little Rock.