What do these cities have in common aside from chronic homelessness and street crime?


Of course we all know it’s that they all have a Blue local government. All committed to virtue signaling. They love illegal immigrants (well they love them in theory!) and confused gender dysphoric kids. They love racism in all its colors. They add tax after tax to screw over businesses and homeowners. But sadly they are not remotely interested in helping the homeless veterans, the mentally ill and the lost souls who inhabit their streets. They do nothing to protect them from the people who prey upon them and they fail to protect law-abiding citizens from the filth and havoc they wreak on the once civilized streets.

My first photo here was taken on a Saturday afternoon stroll outside the Canadian Embassy as I walked my dog on the National Mall in front of the Smithsonian museums. How tragic is it? How pathetic that the capital of the most powerful nation in the world can’t spare a dime, or find the political will to stand up to the leftist bullies? Bring back mental institutions, bring back proper policing, sentence the predators, deport the illegals, protect the vulnerable. It’s not that hard guys. We can do it.

Taken 2/18/23 – Washington DC, in sight of the Capitol.
Image: Kelly McCarthy