What Zelensky ACTUALLY said

Just like you, I can’t see why we’re hand delivering all this money to Ukraine. (Did you see Janet Yellen? What’s she doing there? Bagman for the Bidens perhaps?) Ukraine is a kleptocracy full of paramilitary bastards who’d scare Colombian cartel killers. But the truth is the truth and we need to stay focussed on it.

Zelensky did not say US kids should go and die in the proxy war currently destroying Ukraine. He said that if Putin won there would be a wider European war and because the US is in NATO, Americans kids would have to come and fight. Watch.

Ukraine is not in NATO – it’s one of the few countries in the region that isn’t. It pisses Putin off that the promise the West made not to have NATO countries touching Ukraine has been broken. Yesterday’s announcement from the NATO chief that “Allies have agreed that Ukraine will become a member of our alliance in the long term” must be infuriating and goading him. Whether the US should continue to underwrite this European war is a matter for Congress – not the profiteers.