Demolishing the “insurrection” claim


On Monday night’s episode of his show on the Fox News Channel, conservative commentator Tucker Carlson aired some of the surveillance footage from the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol “riot”. And while the mainstream media, Democrats, and some senior anti-Trump Republicans have called the events an “insurrection,” Carlson believes that the footage “demolishes that claim.”

We’re naturally suspicious when both Schumer and McConnell are trying to shut down the Tucker Carlson coverage (below).

Remember, if it hadn’t been for Matt Gaetz holding out for concessions during Kevin McCarthy’s Speaker run, we probably would never have seen the tapes. They reveal what many of us suspected for a long time, that this was a set-up to force the House to accept the November election results. Before the Capitol event, it was far from certain that the Biden victory would go unexamined. On January 7th they folded like a cheap tent. 

Kudos too, to Elon Musk on Twitter who is allowing users to share and comment on the Tucker releases. The previous administration would have silenced them following orders from both parties in DC.

Please look at the viciousness in the Pelosi recording below. 

Among the good guys were bad ones – were they plants?

Pelosis threatens Trump: “I’m going to punch him out!”

Meanwhile her son in law is getting close to the figurehead of the day