“The Useless Class” How the WEF sees our future.


Yuval Noah Harari, a self-described historian and one of Klaus Schwab’s loudest mouthpieces, believes that we will see the rise of the “useless class.”

Harari notes here how during the industrial revolution, people went from working on the farm to working in a car factory. He described it as transferring from one low-skilled job to another low-skilled job. Since automation is leading the new world, future job prospects in 20 to 30 years are unknown.

Harari believes it is impossible to know what to teach children today to make them productive citizens in the future. There will be “a new massive useless class that has no military or economic usefulness, and therefore no political power,” he stated.

This is another push toward the World Economic Forum’s goal of government control – you need us but we don’t need you.