Interesting priorities from Trump obsessed FBI

Data from the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight project has shown that the FBI in DC spent nearly 16,000 more hours on the clock following the attack on the nation’s Capitol than it did in the aftermath of the “fiery but mostly peaceful” BLM riots. Oversight obtained records from the FBI showing agents in the Washington DC Field Office worked nearly 16,000 MORE hours after Jan. 6 than during the 2020 BLM riots that ravaged our nation’s capital.

These records show agents in WFO worked 86,262 hours from the Jan 4-17, 2021 pay period. Compared with the May 25-June 7, 2020 pay period (when BLM riots began in DC) WFO agents worked 70,367.25 hours. On May 29, 2020, BLM rioters forced President Trump into the White House bunker and burned a historic church. During the first week of the 2020 riots, 150 local and federal LEOs in DC were injured. The summer 2020 riots led to $2 billion in property damage and killed at least 19 people. Heritage obtained records from FBI’s WebTA system, which tracks all time spent on all investigations. According to whistleblowers, FBI agents were allegedly pulled off serious felony investigations to work almost solely on Jan. 6 misdemeanors.

Oversight at Heritage has sought records to answer one core question: How many of the 86,262 hours were spent on Jan 6 cases? The FBI has refused to provide this information so they have sued them. Stay tuned for more documents.

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