Nope! No! Nada!


As a macro photographer in Singapore, Faiz Bustamente captured this picture of a fly with empty eye sockets, and a mysterious substance growing out of it. The photographer believes that a deadly fungus named Cordyceps had infected the fly.

A fly infected with the parasitic fungus Cordyceps. 

Cordyceps¬†is as creepy as it looks‚ÄĒmaybe even more so. Different species of¬†Cordyceps¬†prefer different hosts, but generally, they invade the bodies of insects, especially ants, causing them to act in a way some call zombie-like. The fungus forces its host to climb up to the top of a plant, clamp down onto it to steady itself, and wait to die. Then, the fungus slowly emerges through the bug’s exoskeleton, forming a stalk up through the top of the dead animal. The stalk rains spores down on insects below, starting the process all over again. Newsweek