Can the House call the ATF to order?


The Chairman of the House of Representatives has sent a letter (below) to the ATF “inviting” their leadership to testify before the Committee on the Judiciary (responsible for oversight of key activities of the executive branch) regarding their anti-gun policies that circumvent laws by creating arbitrary rules.

“The ATF has no power to create these rulings as seen from subsequent fallout of the Supreme Court case West Virginia v. EPA, where any government agency must point to “clear congressional authorization” to have any authority in creating policy that has drastic effects on local governments, industries and the everyday American. We also have multiple cases in California that we can look to for hope such as Miller v. Bonta and Renna v. Bonta.” 80percentarms

The Committee’s action follows the ATF’s intense public scrutiny for attempting to redefine the legal definition of “frame” and “receiver” and for imposing a ban on pistol braces. The ATF’s “zero tolerance” approach only serves to criminalize law-abiding gun owners, and unfortunately, FPC’s attempt to obtain an injunction against the pistol brace rule was unsuccessful.

C-SPAN will cover the event (April 26th, 2023), and it will be critical to see what the ATF Director has to say. The ATF’s rule on bump stocks has already been overturned, and a federal court in Texas has deemed their rule against 80 percent lowers and frames as firearms unconstitutional.

The congressional committee members will hopefully restore the ATF to its rightful place as an agency and not a lawmaker.

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