Is the new Bud publicity stunt part of “shaping our nation’s soul”?

The latest distraction from the Left is the Brave New World of transgenderism. As we have seen the movement is primarily dedicated to erasing the significance of biological women and replacing them with flamboyant narcissists and third-rate athletes. Of course, the Biden White House loves them.

European beer gets onboard

AB InBev, the Belgian drink and brewing conglomerate, bought Anheuser-Busch in 2008. Bud Light gets ripped a lot for being near beer but it has now doubled down on its non-toxic masculinity by having Dylan Mulvaney, a primping Instagram influencer, who is chronicling his path to womanhood. Dylan recently had facial feminization surgery but is still an intact male. S/he has come out multiple times in her life, identifying as gay, then non-binary and finally as a trans woman.

 “I would consider myself right now, hyper feminine. Like, I feel like a bimbo. I feel like a Barbie doll sometimes and I think right now that’s what I need to do for my inner child because I never got to wear the pretty dresses. I never got to put on the makeup. And so now, it’s almost as if I’m like, reliving my younger self.

“I get to wear pink. I get to go all out. And so right now this girl that I am, this woman that I am, is so feminine.” 

However, Dylan has not ruled out adapting her identity again in the future. “But, you know, a few years from now, I might kind of settle into my womanhood and I might not need to try as hard. Maybe I’ll wear a pantsuit.”

As the Babylon Bee says”


Part of a trend?

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